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Welcome, I'm Tiffany Sandoval, OC's trusted Elite Pain Relief & Mobility Expert with over 13 years of dedicated experience. My journey has been focused on crafting personalized plans targeting unique physical pain patterns, empowering individuals from diverse backgrounds to minimize injury risks, preserve mobility, and extend their careers.

Far too many people live with pain and stiffness, resigning themselves to “this is just the way it is”. They can’t do the things they love to do or find themselves not improving in their ability to do them.  Whether on the golf course, in the gym, in a sport, or in everyday life- restriction or pain becomes a roadblock.  I am here to  help you move and feel better, getting you  back to doing the things you love to do, and doing them well. 

You can choose a specific treatment or a combination  of the following:

A technique that targets specific points in muscles to alleviate pain and tension.  Beneficial for people with conditions like  Migraines  temporomandibular joint (TMJ) dysfunction, ,Frozen Shoulder, Sciatica, Runner Hip Ect. 

A technique that applies sustained pressure to the myofascial connective tissue to eliminate pain and restore motion.  Helpful for people recovering from injuries or individuals with postural imbalances causing discomfort.

A gentle technique  aiding in the removal of toxins and waste from the body. Beneficial for people seeking detoxification, immune system support, or relief from symptoms associated with autoimmune disorders. Used for swelling, edema, pre/ post surgery , lactation support , Sinus issues  & Digestive issues.

Aa method that combines stretching and traction to improve flexibility, mobility, and function of the body's soft tissues and joints. Well-suited for athletes looking to improve performance, range of motion, and prevent injuries. Helpful for individuals with chronic stiffness, limited flexibility, or musculoskeletal imbalances.

Frederick Stretch Therapy (FST) specialized in prenatal and postnatal alignment, offering relief from discomfort associated with extended baby-holding and sleep deprivation. FST's safe and soothing approach aids pregnant individuals by relieving sciatica and low back pain while enhancing blood flow and reducing stress. By utilizing techniques like post-isometric relaxation and neural flossing, FST aims to improve flexibility, mobility, and overall comfort, easing stiffness and addressing specific issues like sciatica, low back pain, and upper cross syndrome related to breastfeeding

Frederick Stretch Therapy (FST) empowers first responders to excel in their careers by not only optimizing physical resilience and enhancing performance but also regulating their nervous systems. By addressing the unique physical demands and stressors of their roles, FST minimizes injury risks, aids recovery, and improves mobility, ensuring prolonged careers while promoting nervous system regulation to manage stress effectively. Tailored FST techniques support first responders in maintaining peak physical condition and mental well-being, extending their professional longevity and resilience.

Frederick Stretch Therapy (FST) aids health professionals like nurses, surgeons, and dentists in extending their careers by alleviating pain associated with their professions  such as lower back discomfort from prolonged standing, shoulder and neck tension due to bending and lifting, and wrist strain from repetitive movements. Through personalized approaches, FST helps sustain their careers by mitigating the physical toll of their demanding work, supporting longevity in their respective fields. Relieve lower back tension, release shoulder and neck tightness, and improve wrist mobility.. FST aims to reduce pain, enhance flexibility, and prevent repetitive stress injuries, allowing healthcare professionals to sustain their careers with greater physical comfort and resilience.

Our Clients Are Who Matters 


With over 13 years of expertise, I utilize Frederick Stretch Therapy (FST) to extend sports careers by reducing injury risks, facilitating injury rehabilitation, and enhancing mobility. My specialization lies in releasing tight opposing muscles, activating dormant muscles, and realigning fascia, benefiting professional athletes, weekend warriors, and youth athletes seeking optimized performance and injury prevention. Through FST, I focus on maximizing athletic longevity by addressing muscular imbalances and promoting overall physical resilience across all levels of athleticism.

Frederick Stretch Therapy (FST) supports office athletes, business owners, and executives by fostering mental clarity for better business decisions amidst demanding schedules, prolonged screen time, and frequent travel. Through targeted relief for stiff necks, tight shoulders, and lower back pain, FST addresses the strains caused by extended hours seated or standing, empowering professionals to thrive in their roles with improved physical well-being and focus. Experience the rejuvenating effects of FST, enhancing mental clarity and alleviating discomfort to optimize productivity and decision-making in the business realm.

Our Frederick Stretch Therapy (FST) program for seniors revitalizes mobility, eases stiff joints, and offers effective pain relief. By enhancing flexibility, FST enables retirees to relish activities like golf, playful moments with grandchildren, and seamless travel experiences, ensuring a vibrant and unrestricted lifestyle in their golden years. Embrace an active, pain-free retirement with FST's personalized approach to mobility and well-being.

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