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As a practitioner of spiritual bodywork, I invite you to engage with the sacred energies that surround and infuse your being, deepen your connection with your true self and the divine. Through this process, you may discover hidden gifts, release old wounds, and open yourself to greater levels of love and abundance. Trust the wisdom of your body and the guidance of your spirit as you embark on this journey of self-discovery and transformation. Balance  integration of the body, mind, and spirit. 

What is Palliative Massage ?

End-of-life massage treatment is a gentle massage treatment for someone that has received a life-limiting diagnosis to someone nearing the end of their life. It  is frequently  incorporated into both hospice and palliative care. It can provide relief from pain and emotional difficulties like anxiety and depression. Its purpose is offer a better quality of life during their remaining time..

* This service is offered both in office and mobile

Palliative Bodywork

What is Traditional 
Mexican Massage

I am practicing my paternal grandmothers  medicine empowering people to look at their emotional, physical, subconscious and spiritual life to be in harmony with the inner self

Whats Mexican Massage used for ?

  • Fertility , Pregnancy, Hormonal Balance

  • Empacho -Blockage (gastrointestinal disorder/hot-cold disequilibrium, emotional)

  • Limpas-Energy cleansings

  • Removing unwanted energies 

  • Mal Aire- (bad air), colds, earaches or facial paralysis ,severe trauma

  • Mal Puesto (curse) not as a hex but as a resistance of the client taking responsibility for occurrences in their life, thus blaming others.

  • Mal Ojo- Evil eye- illness caused by too much attention

  • Mala Suerta (bad luck) the result of low self-esteem energy and expectations  rather than some outside force

  • Susto (soul loss) or espanto (fright). Susto occurs when the protective spiritual aura is violated through traumatic or frightening events.In the case of abuse the spirit moves out of the body to tolerate the abuse.. 

 Energy cleansing is very beneficial. The cleansing helps to clear out old, stagnant, or negative energy in a space or from the people living/working there. If you are feeling sluggish, negative, stuck and always tired or after a series of negative events and you want to press the ‘restart’ button and start fresh that’s an indication to cleanse the unwanted energy.

  • Yearly or at an anniversary

  • At the beginning of a New Year

  • Beginning a new relationship

  • You FEEL like you’re stuck and need a change

  • When getting married

  • The birth of a child

  • The beginning of a new business or endeavor

  • Moving to a new home

  • Relocating a new business or location

  • If the energy feels stale or SLOW

  • If life seems hard or frustrating

  • After buying a new vehicle

  • After a divorce

  • After a death or passing

  • After the ENDING of a relationship

  • Before selling a home or business

  • When you feel negative or depressed like

  • Opening a new hotel or establishment

  • Remodeling or updating a property

  • After a long sickness or illness

  • After a large party, event or long term visitor

  • Opening of a restaurant

  • Purchasing a business or restaurant

  • New boat or vessel


Our home is a sanctuary and should be a place of peace and love; a place where we raise a family, a place that we can relax and enjoy ourselves.

Since everything is energy, our homes absorbs and holds onto our emotions and the emotions of those who have lived there.

We recommend a blessing/cleansing:

  • When purchasing or renting a new home

  • Financial difficulties

  • Emotional turmoil

  • Paranormal activity

  • If you’re feeling stuck, negative, sluggish, or even slightly depressed

  • RATES : Example 1,500 sq. ft. x $0.33 sq. ft. = $495


When you walk into your office what does it feel like? 

  • Is there a lack of motivation ?

  • Does it feel heavy?

  • Is there high turnover ?

  • Persistent fatigue and exhaustion?

  • Increased conflicts?

  • Blocks of creativity and productivity?

  • Business difficulties?

  • Did the business that was in your office space prior fail?

  • RATES : Example 1,000 sq. ft. x $0.55 sq. ft. = $550



Everything has its own vibration and frequency. Energetic Bodywork,s a hands-on body/mind therapy that addresses healing on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. It helps clear any mental or physical roadblocks you may be experiencing. It reinforces the balance of the chakras while instilling a deep sense of relaxation to reduce stress, stabilize moods and generates a feeling of calmness, wholeness and tranquility.

Everything is made of energy, and it's very easy for that energy to build up and bring you down. You're likely already clearing your home of physical clutter—so why not tend to its energetic clutter?

Emotion Code Session connects the emotional & physical bodies. We live in an age of anxiety and tension. Over time, emotions we experienced , inherited or absorbed can build up inside of us, becoming trapped and bringing harm to us physically, mentally, and emotionally. As a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner. I can help you find ways to release these pent-up emotions through a technique called the Emotion Code. 

Emotional Body Detox

Trapped emotions can cause physical pain, bring illness, create a weakness or prevent you from getting past an emotional trauma. In order to remove a trapped emotion we first use muscle testing identify which emotion is trapped in the tissue of the body and release them so that the body can heal.


How Does It Work?

I use muscle testing (aka Applied Kinesiology) to identify a specific emotion your body is ready to release and any information needed to release that instance of the trapped emotion.


This is not talk therapy and you do not have to relive or even remember the situation that lead to this trapped emotion in order for it to be released.

An Emotion Code session can be beneficial for adults, children, and animals. Emotion Code sessions can be done in person, by phone, or on Zoom

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