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Neck, Shoulder & Back Pain Relief and Increased Mobility  .
Elite Pain Relief & Mobility Expert  |  OC Elite Recovery |  San Clemente, CA

Why Work With Me?

About OC's trusted Elite Pain Relief & Mobility Expert 


I'm Tiffany Sandoval, OC's Elite Pain Relief & Mobility Expert.  I am the owner and sole practitioner of OC Elite Recovery a specialized sports and medical massage therapy in beautiful San Clemente, CA.  


I specialize in addressing neck, shoulder, and back pain, as well as improving overall mobility. With a focus on soft tissue work that targets fascia , joints & releases tight muscles stored stress. Each muscle works as pully system no part of the body functions in isolation. Injury Stress & Overuse can alter muscle function and result in structural imbalances. I  can provide a pathway to your pain relief. 


I am dedicated to helping clients of all ages and backgrounds overcome discomfort and regain freedom of movement. Leave your session feeling lighter & energized.  Schedule an assessment to enhance your wellness journey with improved flexibility, range of motion, circulation and mental clarity.

Rates & Services

In Office Appts

Mobile Appts.

Serving Irvine to San Clemente CA


Specialized Medical & Sports Massage Therapy for Neck, Shoulder, and Back Pain |  OC Elite Recovery |  South OC


We customize each session to meet you where your at.

  • Did you wake up with a new pain or limited mobility such as a  stiff neck , a painful low back?

  • Do you have a chronic issue such as Migraines, TMJ, Sciatica , Plantar Fasciitis or Frozen Shoulder , Disk issue or Surgery Scaring? 

  • Are you dealing with the Mental & Physical Stress of a Medical Condition such as Diabetes, Cancer, MS, Parkinson?

  • Fascia holds Emotions are you learning to be in your body ?  (Childhood , Adult or Medical Trauma) 

The nervous system holds the key to the body’s incredible potential to heal itself. Lets help balance & regulate the vital functions of the autonomic nervous system. 

I help provide relief for the following conditions

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